• Social Enterprise

    Faith & the Common Good, and the National Trust for Canada are the nation's leaders in their respective fields. This social enterprise creates a knowledgeable and committed team to help regenerate places of faith.
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  • Community

    Faith Communities are just that, communities. They are the micro within the macro. A thriving faith community is part of the thriving community as a whole.
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  • Rural Places of Faith

    Faith communities closing are a national concern, but nowhere is the impact felt more than with rural communities. We can help.
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Helping Faith Communities regenerate.

Building Audits

We lead walk-through audits to help determine how to maximize savings and usage of your space.

Tafelmusik at TSP

Space Sharing Consulting

We help with the logistics of how to select building partners and work together effectively.

Community Engagement

We help you connect and engage with the greater community to determine how best to regenerate.


We have run successful community-wide regeneration workshops in Sydney, NS, Ottawa, ON, Hamilton, ON and Peterborough, ON.

Latest News

Calgary workshop: Regenerating Places of Faith

Sat. Apr. 14, 2018 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Knox United Church 506 4th Street SW, Calgary, AB Places of faith anchor and shape our communities. Yet many congregations are facing declining attendance and insufficient funding to maintain and operate their historic buildings. These important community assets are in a

Why Faith and the Arts Should Cohabitate

By Kendra Fry, Regeneration Works Advisor: Playwright Marcus Youssef, upon accepting this year’s Siminovitch Prize for playwriting, gave a speech that clarified for me why I am interested in the intersection of faith communities with the broader community. Youssef wrote about his interest in points of intersection and the space

Peterborough Workshop

We are happy to announce that the Regeneration Works: Places of Faith workshop that we ran in Peterborough on February 25, 2017 was a great success! Our local partner, the City of Peterborough helped us engage almost 100 people from throughout the region and  beyond for an amazing day of

National Trust for Canada, and Faith & the Common Good

A social enterprise between two of Canada's leading non-profit organizations within each of their fields. Through mutual respect and a passion for faith buildings, the community, and people who shape them, Regeneration Works: Places of Faith helps communities create successful strategies for their buildings and community.